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We help independent artists stay independent, and be more successful in doing so.


We are an online platform where you can showcase your art, benefit from promotion, receive booking requests, and be part of a worldwide community of artists. This platform is not an agency that will “sign” or “manage” you. We will not take control of your calendar or pricing, and most importantly, there will not be any exclusivity contract. Please note that we don’t only work with street artists, but also artists that perform in other settings. For example photographers, installation artists, video art, graphic designers, models, etc.

Important COVID-19 update: Following our mission to empower artists we decided to support you during these times with a ‘Corona Waiver’ by not charging any commission for the bookings confirmed through our platform by private people, non-profits and small businesses. Feel free to use our tools for free until further notice. One love!


So what does Natasun Company do for you? – In short:


Expose your art in multiple languages to thousands of eyeballs and many potential clients.

Forward you leads of potential clients who are interested in booking your artistic services.

Publicly talk about the value and the power of art at any given opportunity.

Invest money in promoting all our artists and their services and reinforce the idea of booking them.

Support you in many areas around your life as an artist, in topics such as branding, pricing, client management, social media and even legal questions.

Please note: Due to a very high number of applications, we might take a few weeks to review your application and get back to you with our answer.