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Next Update 


  • Blog comments
  • Todo System
  • Chat system
  • Email system
  • User busy/invicible status
  • Updating post slugs

User profile/dashboard:

  • user comments section
  • user history and profession timeline
  • specify real role (client or artist)
  • online exhibition
  • choose city based on country
  • add YouTube social link
  • user should be able to select currency
  • users should be fill their info in different languages


  • menu is not opening on user page (responsive version)
  • Can't update blog categories.


Version 1.6 (02 July 2021)

1. How we defined a super admin:
we added this lines:
        Gate::before(function ($user, $ability) {
            return $user->hasRole('Admin') ? true : null;

to /AuthServiceProvider.php Boot function.

2. Adding new languages.

in order to add new languages you need to do four steps, Natasun is using 2 packages, plus one custom package, and also yu need to copy paste some files.

  • first you need to go to languages in Admin dashboard and create your language there.
  • second, you need to go to config/laravellocalization file and add your language there, this will let you add urls in end of each url (ex: natasun.com/fr)
  • third, you need to go to config/translatable file and add your language there, this will let you translate datas in translation databases. (tutorial)
  • fourth, you need to go to resources/lang folder, and create your language there, you can also copy paste it from English in order to make it ready to translate words.

Version 1.5 (04 June 2021)

  • Added: new roles (photographer, videographer, designer, webdesigner, painter, model, client, admin)
  • Added: choosing role in registration, and user profile settings. (Registeration model, and controller, and view blade)
  • Added: role restrictation for fashion models:
  • 1. created the name on /app/Http/Kernel.php
  • 2. created the file /app/Http/Middleware/RoleModel.php
  • 3. added specific pages under in web.php -> Route::group(['middleware' => 'rolemodel'], function() {
  • Fixed: Blogs search is not searching amoung other languages, only English.


Version 1.4

  • Added: Blog posts are now available for users
  • Added: Bulk Upload for images
  • Added: Social login (facebook/twitter/google)
  • Added: Google one tap login
  • Added: Welcome SMS for manual registration
  • Added: Notification system
  • Added: Backup manager system (Admin area)
  • Added: SMS system (Admin Area)
  • Added: Last_seen sorting in members page (Query.php / Members blade)
    •  Verificationbadge sorting in members page (Query.php / Members blade)
    •  Gender sorting in members page (Query.php / Members blade)
  • Fixed: Account remove was not working
  • Fixed: Timezone selector
  • Fixed: Slug is not automatically generated from title for creating/updating posts (1402 + 1474 AdminController) related to Translator Package
  • Fixed: some CSS issue on RTL image show page



Version 1.3

  • Added: PWA app system
  • Added: darkmode for mobile
  • Added: RTL version (beta)
  • Added: French and Persian language (beta)
  • Added: Iranian date on Persian language (thanks natasun.ir)
    Added: Timezone selector on registration page
  • Added: Timezone detector through guest ip if he is not logged in.
  • Added: Auto daily backup feature in Admin area.
  • Added: User is be able to select timezone
  • Added: Users' names/bios/quotes are now translated to their default language through google translator.
  • Added: Pages are now multilingual
  • Added: Translatable function for website title / description / welcome_text / welcome_subtitle / keywords / twitter / facebook / linkedin / instagram / currency_position / currency_symbol / currency_code / watermark / logo / logowhite
  • Added: Translatable function for categories
  • Added: Blog categories
  • Added: Blog status function
  • Added: Translatable function for posts categories
  • Added: Translatable function for blog
  • Added: Only show published posts (where('status', 'published'))
  • Fixed: darkmode is not cached (Storage)
  • Fixed: menu items active status problem on mobile devices
  • Fixed: reported images problem
  • Fixed: user biography field character limitation (UserController)
  • Fixed: header color on mobile devices
  • Fixed: saving dates in UTC through Carbon/Carbon
  • Fixed: auto backup buttons issue
  • Fixed: User profile showing problem
  • Fixed: reset password view blade style problem
  • Fixed: PWA icon background is black on IOS devices
  • Fixed: Spams on registration through cloudflare rules.
  • Fixed: Can't upload profile pic/cover pic on different languages.
  • Fixed: Can't add categories
  • Fixed: Blog category is not storing category color.

Version 1.2

  • Added: blog section
  • Added: crypto withdrawal option
  • Added: user online status
  • Added: user last seen date
  • Added: verification request system
  • Added: Instagram widget in user profile
  • Added: user age in user profile
  • Fixed: user profile link clipboard issue

Version 1.0

  • moving from a simple wordpress website laugh