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New arts sections added to Natasun

by Management | 07 Jul 2021 |

Since 2013, the Natasun team has tried to gain the trust of our and the artists' customers with the help of young artists in various fields such as photography and design. Natasun has been very successful in these two fields so far;
We have received many good references from our followers. We received love from them for art.

In 2021, a new development took place in the Natasun application, we forever turned our static site into a dynamic and evolving application, which made this application attractive and functional, as well as the user-friendliness of this application.

We are developing this application every day, an application that receives more and more followers every day, different artists can exhibit or sell their works, upload their personal and work profiles and receive personal URLs, A profile that gives credit to their art business.

But recently we decided to expand Natasun more than just a "photography" site, and turn it into an app that supports artists in more different fields; For example, we are now working on painting, graphic design, website design, videography, and more sections. Various sections in which artists receive special facilities for that section. For example, a fashion model has a different profile than a photographer; He can also put his appearance information and display it on his profile.

Stay tuned for our new updates and follow them on the "Changelog" page.

with love,
Natasun website manager

Updated @ 07 Jul 2021 05:33:44


Natasun is the first social networking platform built for digital art artists, especially photographers, painters and web developers where they can interact, display, or sell their artworks. Natasun is a user friendly system for all artists which started its activity since 2013 with a very friendly team.....

Chad Alexander

May 24, 2020

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