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Natasun invites for cooperation

by Management | 08 Jun 2021 |

Natasun Company intends to invite activists and managers of the digital arts sector in different countries to cooperate.

Accordingly, one person from each country can represent Natasun. Candidates must apply.

Points awarded to a representative will include the country-specific blog section, that representative's contact information on the site, and the management of their country's users.

After confirming the application, files containing the translation of the language specific to that country will be given to the person who can translate the entire site.

Contact us for more information.


Natasun is the first social networking platform built for digital art artists, especially photographers, painters and web developers where they can interact, display, or sell their artworks. Natasun is a user friendly system for all artists which started its activity since 2013 with a very friendly team.....