Natasun began its formal work at 15 September 2013. In literature and dictionaries, There is not word called “Natasun”. Natasun Made of the two words “Nata” and “Sun”. Actually “Nata” is a French word, Means “born”, so this two words “Nata” and “Sun” (Natasun) make the mean of sunborn. of we consider each image or video needs a little color of sun. Birth of everything always starts from the darkness. Plant in soil, the baby in the belly, bird in the eggs. and hence on the dark side of Natasun Logo that are entering the space surrounding is the “birth” and the color of the logo’s center is the sun and finally “Natasun” emerged. our company was established in 2013, but each photographer in this company, Have a lot of experience in photography. All photographers who are active in the Nataun, are aware of the science of photography and the laws that we announced. they try displaying the “Natasun” in each photo. this photos are performed in an open environment (outdoor). Each Natasun’s photographer, at first has started his work by photography of nature , children, and other. Natasun has good progress in this area and over hundreds of this photos is on his record.
Natasun Made of some photographers around the world, consequently Natasun have different branches in different countries.